Why Choose Us

Agency Values


Service Excellence

Our commitment is to deliver excellent customer service to all internal and external customers, with the goal of creating satisfied clients while maintaining the highest set of standards. Going above and beyond for all of our clients is our expectation.



By choosing the best employees for our agency, using the highest practices of standards, utilizing teamwork and always challenging ourselves to improve, we will maintain the quality care our clients deserve.



Working together as a team, we strive to have continued success and reach common goals. Each member of Unity Home Health Care, LLC understands and relies on the team to accomplish tasks successfully and safely while addressing all situations as professionals.



Unity Home Health Care, LLC will recognize the value of every employee’s contribution, honor diversity and work together as an effective team so that each person will understand his or her importance to the agency.



A dedication to keeping all of our partners informed and a promise to listen actively will help to keep our clients safe and help our employees provide up to date care ordered by members of the healthcare team.



We know that caring is as important as care provided. The highest calling of our profession is to provide comfort and compassion to clients who are in need.